First day of the conference (July 6th) will be dedicated to three extended tutorials given by leading experts in the field of consciousness studies. Tutorials are not intended to be just instructive lecturing, but rather working sessions with the exchange of ideas between specialists and those who are not experts in the given field.

N. B. There is an additional registration fee for participation in each tutorial.

Tutorials will be given by:

from 11am to 1pm:

Daniel Hutto, Uni. of Hertfordshire: Turning Hard Problems on Their Heads: A Second-Person Approach

from 2pm to 4pm

JohnJoe McFadden, Uni. of Surrey: The Conscious Electromagnetic Field Theory

Harald Atmanspacher, Max-Planck-Institute, Garching: Mental Instabilities and Acategorial States

Věra Janoušková, Rudá hlava / Red Head, 1970, železo a sádra / iron and plaster