Towards a Science of Consciousness 2003: Between Phenomenology and Neuroscience conference will take place in Prague, Czech Republic from July 6th to 10th 2003.

Photos from the conference now available here!

The conference will cover the current state of the field of consciousness research. Selection process is now over and submissions of original papers in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science and other related fields were selected and scheduled for presentation. Preferences were given to submissions dedicated to interactions between the phenomenological tradition in philosophy, and various neuroscientific approaches. Bridging the gap between first-person experience, psychological studies, and brain research is the challenge our conference will focus on.

The main topics include intentionality, volition, time consciousness, qualia, perception, memory, reportability, emotion, meditation and their physiological and physical underpinnings. However, the conference is not restricted to these themes, and presentations covering a wide variety of related issues as well as innovative approaches based on interdisciplinary research will have a strongly presence.

The background

The conference is a follow-up on five successful Tucson conferences that started in 1994. Apart from the biannual Tucson, Arizona meetings, related events were held in:

- Toward a Science of Consciousness, Skövde, Sweden, August, 2001

- Toward a Science of Consciousness - Fundamental Approaches, Tokyo, Japan, May 1999

Of related interest

Participants in TSC 2003 might also be interested in follow-up conferences that take place in coming years:

- Toward a Science of Consciousness 2004, Tucson, AZ, USA: TSC 2004

- Toward a Science of Consciousness 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark: TSC 2005

Věra Janoušková, Rudá hlava / Red Head, 1970, železo a sádra / iron and plaster