Roman Kotecký

Recent Papers:

  • R.~Kotecký, J. Salas, A. Sokal,  Phase transition in the 3-state Potts antiferromagnet on the diced lattice. Phys. Rev. Letters 101, (2008). [PDF file]
  • R.~Kotecký,  Mathematics of Phase transitions, Lecture Notes from the Summer School "Physics and Theoretical Computer Science From Numbers and Languages to (Quantum) Cryptography", Carg\'ese, October 17-29, 2005, vol. 7 ,NATO Security through Science Series: Information and Communication Security, eds. J.-P. Gazeau, J. Ne\v set\v ril and B. Rovan, (2007) [PDF file]
  • M.~Biskup and R.~Kotecký,  Phase coexistence of gradient Gibbs states, Probability Theory and Related Fields 139, 1--39 (2007). [PDF file]
  • R.~Kotecký,  Pirogov-Sinai theory, Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics vol. 4, pp. 60--65, eds. J.-P. Fran\c coise, G.L. Naber, and S.T. Tsou, Oxford: Elsevier, 2006 (ISBN 978-0-1251-2666-3) [PDF file]
  • R.~Kotecký,  Cluster expansions, Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics vol. 1, pp. 531--536, eds. J.-P. Fran\c coise, G.L. Naber, and S.T. Tsou, Oxford: Elsevier, 2006 (ISBN 978-0-1251-2666-3). [PDF file]
  • M.~Biskup and R.~Kotecký,  Forbidden gap argument for phase transitions proved by means of chessboard estimates, Commun. Math. Phys. 264, 631--656 (2006). [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, C. Borgs, J. T. Chayes, R.~Kotecký, and L.~Kleinwaks,  Partition function zeros at first-order phase transitions: A general analysis, Commun. Math. Phys.251, 79--131 (2004). [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, C. Borgs, J. T. Chayes, and R. Kotecký,  Partition function zeros at first-order phase transitions: Pirogov-Sinai theory, Jour. Stat. Phys. 116, 97-155 (2004). [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, L.~Chayes, and R.~Kotecký,  Comment on: "Theory of the evaporation/condensation transition of equilibrium droplets in finite volumes'", Physica A 327, 583--588 (2003). [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký,  A proof of the Gibbs-Thomson formula in the droplet formation regime, Jour. Stat. Phys. 116, 175-203 (2004); [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký,  Critical region for droplet formation in the two-dimensional Ising model, Commun. Math. Phys. 242, 137-183 (2003); [PDF file]
  • M. Biskup, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký,  On the formation/dissolution of equilibrium droplets, Europhys. Lett. 60, 21- 27 (2002); [PDF file]
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, I. Medved,  Finite-size effects for the Potts model with weak boundary conditions, Jour. Stat. Phys. 109, 67-131 (2002); [PDF file]
  • R. Kotecký, Phase transitions: on a crossroads of probability and analysis, In Highlights of Mathematical Physics, p. 191-207, ed. A. Fokas, J. Halliwell, T. Kibble, B. Zegarlinski, American Mathematical Society, Providence (2002)  [ PDF 
  • J. Cerný, R. Kotecký,  Interfaces for random cluster models, Jour. Stat. Phys. 111, 73-106 (2003); [ PDF 
  • O. Hryniv, R. Kotecký,  Surface tension and the Ornstein-Zernike behaviour for the 2D Blume-Capel model, Jour. Stat. Phys. 106, 431-476 (2001); [ PDF 
  • P. Holický, R. Kotecký, M. Zahradník,  Phase Diagram of Horizontally Invariant Gibbs States for Lattice Models, Ann. H. Poincare, 3, 203-267 (2003) [ PDF 
  • R. Kotecký, I. Medved,  Finite-Size Scaling for 2d Ising Model with Fixed Boundary Conditions, Jour. Stat. Phys. 104, 905-943 (2001); [PDF file]
  • C.Gruber, R. Kotecký, D. Ueltschi,  Planar and lamellar antiferromagnetisms in Hubbard model, Jour. Phys. A: Math. Gen. 33, 7857-7871 (2000); [PDF file],  Planar and lamellar antiferromagnetisms in Hubbard model - complement, [PDF file
  • M.Biskup, C. Borgs, J. Chayes, L. Kleinwaks, R. Kotecký, A General Theory of Lee-Yang Zeros in Models with First-Order Phase Transitions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 4794-4797 (2000); [PDF file
  • M.Biskup, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký,On the Continuity of the Magnetization and the Energy Density for Potts models on Two- dimensional graphs, mp-arc 99-380 [PDF file
  • M. Biskup, C. Borgs, J. Chayes, R. Kotecký, Gibbs states of Graphical Representations in the Potts Model with External Fields, J. Math. Phys. 41, 1170-1210 (2000); mp- arc99-371 [PDF file
  • M.Biskup, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký, Coexistence of partially disordered/ordered phases in an extended Potts model, Jour. Stat. Phys. 99. 1169-1206 (2000); mp-arc 99-368 [PDF file
  • R. Kotecký , D. Ueltschi, Hubbard Model with magnetic field: antiferromagnetism and paramagnetism, Proceedings of the Symposium ``Mathematical Results in Statistical Mechanics'', Marseille, July 27-31, 1998, p. 223-238, ed. S. Miracle-Sole, J. Ruiz, V. Zagrebnov,World scientific, Singapore (1999) 
  • R. Kotecký , D. Ueltschi, Effective interaction due to quantum perturbation, Commun. Math. Phys. 206, 289-335 (1999); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, J. De Coninck, R. Kotecký, An Equilibrium Lattice Model of Wetting on Rough Substrates, Journ. Stat. Phys. 94, 299-320 (1999); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, Low Temperature Phase Diagrams of Fermionic Lattice Systems, Commun. Math. Phys. 208, 575-604 (2000); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, D. Ueltschi, Incompressible phase in lattice systems of interacting bosons, unpublished (1997); [abstract, PSfile
  • L. Chayes, R. Kotecký, S. Shlosman, Staggered Phases in Diluted Systems with Continuous Spins, Commun. Math. Phys. 189, 631-640 (1997); [PDF file
  • L. Chayes, R. Kotecký, An Intermediate Phase for a Classical Continuum model, Phys. Rev. B, 54, 9221-9224 (1996);[abstract ,PDF file
  • M. Biskup, P. Cejnar, R. Kotecký, Decoherence and Efficiency of Quantum Error Correction, preprint CTS-96-08 
  • R. Kotecký, Phase transitions of lattice models (Rennes lectures), preprint CTS-96-04; [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, D. Ueltschi, Low temperature phase diagrams for quantum perturbations of classical spin systems, Commun. Math. Phys. 181, 409-446 (1996) [abstract, PDF file
  • A. C. D. van Enter, R. Fernandez, R. Kotecký, Pathological Behavior of Renormalization Group Maps at High Fields and Above the Transition Temperature, Jour. Stat. Phys. 79, 969-992 (1995); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, J. Jedrzejewski, R.Kotecký, The staggered charge-order phase of the low-temperature extended Hubbard model in the atomic limit, J. Phys. A 29, 733-747 (1996); [PDF file
  • L. Chayes, R. Kotecký, S. Shlosman, Aggregation and Intermediate Phases in Dilute Spin Systems, Comm. Math. Phys. 171, 203-232 (1995); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, J. De Coninck, R. Kotecký, M. Zinque, Does the roughness of the substrate enhance wetting?, Phys. Rev. Lett. 74, 2292-2294 (1995); [PDF file
  • J. T. Chayes, L. Chayes, R. Kotecký, The Analysis of the Widom-Rowlinson Model by Stochastic Geometric Methods, Comm. Math. Phys. 172, 551-569 (1995); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, Surface induced finite size effects for first order phase transitions, Jour. Stat. Phys. 79, 43-115 (1995); [PDF file
  • R. Kotecký, C. Pfister, Equilibrium Shapes of Crystals Attached to Walls, Jour. Stat. Phys. 76, 419-446 (1994); [ PDF 
  • R. Kotecký, Geometric representation of lattice models and large volume asymptotics, In Probability and phase transition, p. 153-176, ed. G. Grimmett, Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht (1994)  [PSfile] [ PDF 

Some older publications:

  • R. Kotecký, L. Laanait, A. Messager, S. Miracle-Sole, A spin-1 lattice model of microemulsions at low temperatures, J. Phys. A 26, 5285-5293 (1993); [PDF file
  • R. L. Dobrushin, R. Kotecký, S. B. Shlosman, A microscopic justification of the Wulff construction, Jour. Stat. Phys. 72, 1-14 (1993); [PDF file
  • C. Borgs, R. Kotecký, Finite- Size Effects at asymmetric first-order phase transitions, Phys. Rev. Lett. 68, 1734-1737 (1992); [PDF file
  • J.-S. Wang, R. H. Swendsen, R. Kotecký, The Three-State Antiferromagnetic Potts Models - a Monte Carlo study, Phys. Rev. B 42, 2465-2474 (1990); [PDF file
  • J.-S. Wang, R. H. Swendsen, R. Kotecký, Antiferromagnetic Potts Models, Phys. Rev. Lett. 63, 109-112 (1989); [PDF file
  • R. Kotecký, S. Miracle-Sole, A model with roughening transition at low temperatures, Phys. Rev. B 34, 2049-2051 (1986); [PDF file
  • R. Kotecký, Long range order for antiferromagnetic Potts models, Phys. Rev. B 31, 3088-3092 (1985); [PDF file
  • R. L. Dobrushin,  R. Kotecký, S. Shlosman, The Wulff construction: a global shape from local interactions, AMS, Translations Of Mathematical Monographs 104, Providence, Rhode Island, 1992; 
  • C. Borgs, R. Koteck\'y, S. Miracle-Sol\'e , Finite-Size Scaling for PottsModels , Journ\. Stat\. Phys\. 62\pages 529-552  \yr1992 
  • C. Borgs, R. Koteck\'y , A Rigorous Theory of Finite Size  Scaling at  First Order Phase Tran\-si\-tions  Journ\. Stat\. Phys\.61\pages79-119   \yr1990 
  • K. Gawedzki, R. Kotecký, A. Kupiainen , Coarse-Graining Approach to First-OrderPha\-se Tran\-si\-tions , Journ\. Stat\. Phys\.  47\pages 701-724\yr1988 
  • P. Holick\'y, R. Koteck\'y,  M. Zahradn\'\i k , Rigid interfaces forlattice models at low temperatures , Journ\. Stat\. Phys\.  50\pages 755-812 \yr1988 
  • R. Koteck\'y, D. Preiss, Cluster Expansion for Abstract Polymer Models, Comm\. Math\. Phys\. 103\pages  491-498 \yr1986 
  • R. Koteck\'y, D. Preiss, An Inductive Approach to the Pirogov- Sinai Theory,Suppl. ai Ren\-di\-con\-ti del Circolo Matem\. di Palermo,  Ser\. II \vol 3\pages 161--164\yr1984 
  • R. Koteck\'y, S. B. Shlosman, First-order transitions in large  entropylattice models, Comm\. Math\. Phys\. 83 \pages 493-- 515\yr1982 
  • R. Koteck\'y, Mean field approximation is exact in the many- component limit of Potts lattice gauge model , Comm\. Math\. Phys\.  82\pages 391--397\yr1981 
  • R. Koteck\'y, An algebraic framework for the supersymmetry theory , Rep\.Math\. Phys\. 7\pages 457--469 \yr1975

Some  Popular Articles in Czech:

  • M. Biskup, P. Cejnar, R. Kotecký, Kvantove pocitace, Vesmír 76, 250--255 (1997) 
  • R. Kotecký, Studium stavu  na hrane mezi chaosem a usporadanim, Respekt, c. 16 (1994) 
  • R. Kotecký,  Korespondence Einsteina s Masarykem, Vesmír 72 ,566--568  (1993) 
  • R. Kotecký, Fázové prechody, Vesmír, 72, 153--155 (1993)

List of other stuff:

  \ref\by  R. Koteck\'y (editor)
\book Phase transitions: mathematics, physics, biology,$\dots$
\publ World Scientific
\publaddr Singapore
\ed R. Koteck\'y
\bookinfo Proceedings of the Workshop held in Prague,
June 1-5, 1992
\yr 1993

\ref\no1\by R. Koteck\'y, J. Niederle
\paper  Conformally covariant field equations I. First-order equations with
non-vanishing mass
\jour Czech\. J\. Phys\.
\vol B 25\pages 123--149 \yr1975

\ref\no2\by R. Koteck\'y, J. Niederle
\paper  On the integrability of discrete representations of
the Lie algebra $so(p,q)$
\jour Rep\. Math\. Phys\.
\vol 7\pages 95--101 \yr1975

\ref\no4\by R. Koteck\'y
\paper  On Wightman superfields and realization of Grassmann
generators $\theta_\alpha$
\jour Lett\. Nuovo Cim\.
\vol13\pages 269--272 \yr1975

\ref\no5\by R. Koteck\'y, J. Niederle
\paper  Conformally covariant field equations II. First- ordermassless
\jour Rep\. Math\. Phys\.
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\ref\no6\by R. Koteck\'y, D. Preiss
\paper  Renormalization of nonperturbative
functional integral for independent value models
\jour Lett\. Math\. Phys\.
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\ref\no7\by R. Koteck\'y, D. Preiss
\paper  Non-perturbative renormalizability for a class of gradient- free models
\jour Phys\. Rev\.  \vol D 18
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\ref\no8\by  D. Preiss, R. Koteck\'y
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\publ ed\. Z. Frol\'{\i}k, Math\. Institute of the Czechoslovak Academyof
\publaddr Praha
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\ref\no9\by  R. Koteck\'y, D. Preiss
\paper Generalized projective limits of measurable spaces and theiruse
for the description of Gibbs states
\inbook Proc\. of the Colloqium on Random Fields, Rigorous Resultsin
Statistical Mechanics, and Quantum Field Theory
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Eucli\-dean quantum field theory
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\ref\no13\by R. Koteck\'y, S. B. Shlosman
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Quantum Theory and Statistical Phy\-sics
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\jour Phys\. Rev\.
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\ref\no18\by R. Koteck\'y, S. Miracle-Sol\'e
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\ref\no21\by R. Koteck\'y,  L. Laanait, A. Messager, J. Ruiz
\paper The q-State Potts Model in the Stan\-dard  Pi\-ro\-gov- SinaiTheory: Surface
Tensions and Wilson Loops
\jour Journ\. Stat\. Phys\.
\vol 58\pages 199--248\yr1990

\ref\no22\by R. Koteck\'y, S. Miracle-Sol\'e
\paper  Roughening transition for the Ising model on a bcc lattice.A case in
the     theory of ground states
\jour Journ\. Stat\. Phys\.
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\ref\no23\by R. Koteck\'y
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\pages  261--269
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on the Theory of Elementary Particles
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\ref\no25\by R. L. Dobrushin, R. Koteck\'y, S. B. Shlosman
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\ref\no26\by R. Koteck\'y
\paper Statistical Mechanics of Interfaces and Equilibrium CrystalShapes
\pages  148--163
\inbook Proc\. of the IXth International Congress of
Mathematical Physics
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eds\. B. Simon, A. Truman, and I. M. Davies, Adam Hilger
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\ref\no32\by R. Koteck\'y
\paper First-order phase transitions for finite systems
\inbook Proc. of the IIIrd Inter\-na\-tional Conference ``StochasticProcesses,
Physics and Geometry''
\publ Locarno, 1991,
ed\. S. Albeverio,  World Scientific
\publaddr Singapore
\finalinfo{in print \& Preprint CTS-92-01}

\ref\no33\by  R. Koteck\'y, E. Olivieri
\paper  Stochastic models for nucleation and crystal growth
\pages  264--275
\inbook Proc\. of the Inter\-national Workshop, Probalistic Methodsin
Mathematical  Physics
\publ (Siena, 1991),
eds\. F. Guerra, M. I. Loffredo, C. Marchioro, World Scientific
\publaddr Singapore

\ref\no35\by  J. De Coninck, R. Koteck\'y, L. Laanait, J. Ruiz
\paper  SOS approximants for Potts crystal shapes
\jour Physica A
\vol 189
\pages 616--634